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Trauma Informed Ministry Workshop

We live and serve in a highly traumatized society.  Hurting people are walking through the doors of churches and - all too often - walking back out the door without finding the answer they need . . .  




This impactful, quick moving 3 hour Workshop is designed to prepare people to effectively recognize traumatized individuals and care for them by helping them feel safe and understood in the body of Christ. We know that God can heal people of their traumas, but if they are offended or triggered before they meet Him, we may lose the only opportunity to reach them. 


This video link takes you to a brief 2 minute introduction 

of myself and the content of the workshop.  

Up to 60 People

Live class hosting:

Suggested Donation $25 Per Person(includes written material)

As this is the core of our ministry and heart, please do not let finances limit access to the training. Contact us so we can discuss! 

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