Scheduled Courses

​October 19, 21, 26 & 28 - Assisting Individuals in Crisis (CISM)  

An online course broken into four 4 hour sessions, (see below for testimonials). Course is given with a spiritual emphasis designed for chaplains and others who want to apply trauma informed ministry techniques and tools. Tickets through Eventbrite

November 7 - Trauma, Your Vagus Nerve & Jesus

An online 4 hour workshop that explores how trauma impacts our bodies, souls and spirits. Understanding is the first part of healing! We will discuss how we can better manage or even break free from the triggers and strongholds associated with traumatic events.

Tickets through Eventbrite.

November 21 - Trauma Informed Ministry

This impactful, quick moving 3 hour workshop is designed to prepare people to effectively recognize traumatized individuals and care for them by helping them feel safe and understood in the body of Christ. Tickets through Eventbrite.

November 25-28 - Group Intervention (CISM)  

Private BGEA Canada event. 

December 4 - Marriage Minefields

4 hour workshop. Whether both suffer from past traumas or triggers, or you have an unaffected person trying to live with a jumpy, trigger-proned individual, understanding is the beginning of healing.Eventbrite.

January 20-23 - Assisting Individuals in Crisis (CISM)  

Private BGEA Canada event. 

What are people saying about the new Zoom online courses?

"Lori delivered an excellent course, she demonstrated that she has incredible skills to presenting the course."

"Whatever would be needed to train me to assist others in traumatic times. Maybe in the case of terminally ill or death of loved one."

"Lori was an excellent instructor. Her presentation of the course has encouraged me to challenge myself in how I can fully use the training as a chaplain and in my everyday life. She is articulate, insightful, passionate and enthusiastic with a very high level of communication skills. I enjoyed the Zoom breakout sessions. Lori was very competent in the use of this technology. Her encouraging support meant these sessions were productive and enjoyable. I look forward to doing more training with Lori."

"Lori was very personable and made one feel connected to the ‘classroom’ and made it easy to establish a rapport with other participants. Her presentation of the material was clear and she took time to listen and answer queries. Although I prefer in class learning I found this online experience enjoyable and would both recommend and participate in further online classes ."

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