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Trauma, Your Vagus Nerve & Jesus
A workshop that explores how trauma impacts our bodies, souls and spirits.

$25 per person - 4 hour course

Understanding is the first part of healing!


In this interactive four hour workshop, we will discuss the triggers and strongholds associated with traumatic events. Some of the things we will explore are:

  • What is the difference between an offense and a trauma?

  • What does my childhood have to do with my present day health?

  • Is it a lack of faith that holds me captive to triggers and unhealthy behaviours, or are there physiological connections that need to be understood?

  • How can I find more grace for those I love who are "stuck" in trauma?

  • Is there a way out?  


Let's define what trauma and triggers are, and explore the amazing Vagus Nerve and what Jesus has to do with it!

Up to 24 People - or more for private bookings at your own facility

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