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Marriage Minefields
(Is it you, me, or is it the trauma speaking?)

$25 per person or couple - 4 hour course

Minefields defined - in land warfare, an area of ground containing mines placed with or without patterns.

So often couples - who clearly love each other - are risking separation and seeking marriage counseling. It doesn't take long however, to see that it may not be an incompatiblity issue . . . they may have a trauma issue!

Whether both suffer from past traumas or triggers, or you have an unaffected person trying to live with a jumpy, trigger-proned individual, understanding is the beginning of healing.

Don and Lori Dixon will share their own experiences of learning how they navigated their own marriage minefield as quiet, steady Don tiptoed with a zero ACE score (Adverse Childhood Experience), and Lori clomped into the relationship with a hyperviglant score of 5. Using Lori's own Trauma Squares illustration, trauma and offenses are clearly defined in a unique and visual analogy.

Practical coping skills will be shared as we explore the "whys", the "what the hecks" and the "what nows"! 

Let's explore

  • Why putting a glass in the mug cupboard may impact someone's very sense of safety

  • What bells have to do with it?

  • Why coming up behind your spouse quietly may land you in a hospital room

  • Money? Too much? Too little? It may be more about control versus bank balances.

  • Why driving distances vary  with one of you allowed to drive within 10 feet of the car infront, but the other is expected to maintain 2 semi length distances

  • There may appear to be many double standards! 

Trauma Squares, the term as well as all visuals, are copyrighted and permission is required to refer, post or utilize any aspect of the teaching.

Up to 30 People

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