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Trauma Square™ Exploration

A Live Free Zoom Meeting

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Presented by Lori Dixon

You've asked for it, and now we are going to do it! 

Let's spend an hour going deeper into Lori's Trauma Square™ Presentation. 

For those who have taken her classes, this analogy is what most walked away talking about. In 2019, as she prepared to teach her first Assisting Individuals in Crisis class, Lori got a picture of how critical incidents can impact the souls of people. Using knit squares, Lori's analogy provides unique insight into the process of wounding and healing, giving people a better understanding of themselves and others. 

Trauma Squares, the term as well as all visuals, are copyrighted and permission is required to refer, post or utilize any aspect of the teaching.

In this webinar we will cover

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